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Top 10 Online Anime AI Art Galleries and Communities to Explore

Aug 11, 2023

AI advancements have completely transformed the way anime art is created, making it incredibly popular. Essentially, AI-generated anime art uses smart algorithms to replicate the styles of famous anime artists. This has stirred up discussions about ethics within the art community.

It's true that AI technology has caused quite a stir, raising ethical questions. But within these debates, there's a growing group of people who genuinely enjoy using AI and have formed an AI art community.

This AI art community brings together individuals who share an interest in combining technology and creativity. They actively chat, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects, enhancing the world of AI art. Despite the controversies surrounding AI, there's a considerable number of people who eagerly accept and build on the possibilities it offers within the art community.

Why I recommend artists to explore AI art gallery?

You might wonder why I'm exploring these AI art galleries when I'm an artist who might not necessarily support AI art.

Well, the answer is straightforward. It's important for professional artists to stay updated with the latest trends in the art world, and this includes AI advancements.

The best place to stay informed about AI progress and the latest in AI art is through an online art gallery and community that focuses on AI.


Let's access a Notion document where I share all of my AI generated images with all the “prompts” I used to create them!

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In this blog post, I'll introduce you to AI art galleries that specifically feature anime AI art. These platforms are an excellent resource for anyone keen on staying in the loop regarding the latest AI-generated artwork.

As you browse through these galleries, you can effortlessly discover and explore the most recent creations by AI artists who draw inspiration from anime. Alright, let's dive in!

Top 10 Anime AI Art Galleries and Communities Creative community for showcasing and creating AI art works as a crowdsourced AI art platform where individuals can explore, upload, and distribute art generated by artificial intelligence.

Arthub features sections dedicated to showcasing images produced through Stable Diffusion and Diffusion Bee. Additionally, they provide a library of prompts for users to examine AI-generated artwork in various styles.

Moreover, they have their own AI art generator on their website that you may try here.

Pixiv AI Tags: Explore more than 100,000+ anime AI Artworks

Pixiv stands as one of the biggest digital platforms showcasing anime artwork. In recent times, they have introduced the AI tag, allowing users to share their AI-created artwork.

A lot of the AI art on Pixiv is generated in the anime style, some of them containing NSFW or hentai content. What truly captivates me about Pixiv is their wide range of art tags, providing endless exploration opportunities.

AIBooru: The first Booru for AI art

AIBooru [WARNING NSFW IMAGES] is the first Booru designed explicitly for AI artwork. The entire collection of pictures in AiBooru are classified using numerous tags and keywords, making it convenient for users to effortlessly explore the gallery.

A significant portion of the images in this collection are not safe for work (NSFW).

Promptchan AI: Best free NSFW AI art generator and AI art gallery

Promptchan AI claims that they stand out as the top-notch AI image generator for NSFW content without any charges. One can delve into and create NSFW images utilizing AI on this web portal.

The style of AI artwork on this platform is diverse, encompassing realistic art, semi-realistic art, and even anime art. To gain access to their complete gallery, one must login first.

Midjourney Showcase: Midjourney users AI art gallery

Midjourney Showcase is an AI art gallery of AI art generated by Midjourney. The Showcase aims to bring together AI art from Midjourney's users.

It serves as a virtual space where each generated images on Midjourney are displayed with the community. In this section, you can browse through all of the images from Midjourney and Nijijourney with prompts.

Hayo: All-in-one AI art gallery and AI news

Hayo is a comprehensive online platform that showcases AI-created artwork. The platform offers a wide range of content, including news about AI, tools and tutorials related to AI, as well as an art gallery dedicated to AI-generated art.

I am extremely impressed with the design and features of their website. In addition to the captivating AI art gallery, Hayo provides numerous other activities for visitors to engage in.

The art gallery is particularly striking, featuring a blend of anime-inspired, realistic, and other photographic styles. Additionally, each artwork in the gallery comes with prompts that users can copy to create their own AI art. AI image gallery with wide range of artistic styles

Artzone is a specialized network for AI art and AI artists. They assert that creators of AI art can showcase and earn money from their AI art pieces on their platform.

You have the option to explore a gallery of AI art as well as the pen name of AI artists on their website.

They offer a wide range of artistic styles within their gallery, including anime art, concept art, character design, and landscapes, among others. Additionally, they provide the capability to generate AI art directly on their platform.

Yodayo: Browse and create AI generated anime art

On the Yodayo website, you have the opportunity to discover AI-generated anime artwork, discover AI prompts, and produce AI artwork using their free AI art generator.

Within their gallery, all members can share their own images, most of images consisting of anime and Vtuber fan art.

If you happen to be a devoted Vtuber enthusiast seeking to generate images of specific characters, you can also utilize Yodayo as an AI generator.

PixAI: AI art showcase and community

PixAI is like this super cool place where people who are into AI art can hang out. You can totally show off your own AI art and check out what others have created too.

And they even have AI art generator on their site. You can actually pick the specific prompt and AI model you want to use. So basically, you're in for a hilarious time exploring their gallery and seeing all the prompts and models people have chosen.

Chichi-pui: Japanese AI anime art gallery

Chichi-pui is an online gallery platform based in Japan, similar to Pixiv, that showcases AI-generated artwork. The website primarily focuses on visuals that exhibit an anime style. The gallery is organized using tags, and similarly, it has a ranking system akin to Pixiv. Like any other AI gallery, Chichi-pui has its own AI art generator, which you can access here.

AI Subreddits

Reddit is a social news platform where users from all over the world can discuss and share content on various topics. If you're interested in AI art, you can explore different Subreddits dedicated to this subject, like Stable Diffusion and Midjourney. These communities allow users to share their AI-generated artworks, discuss techniques, and connect with fellow AI art enthusiasts. Joining these Subreddits will offer you an opportunity to be a part of the thriving AI art community.

And that wraps up our journey through the top 10 online AI art platforms for anime and other art styles. These platforms blend technology and art to create amazing anime-inspired pieces. They're not just about art; they're about people coming together to create, learn, and share.

As AI continues to push boundaries, I find myself feeling a mix of excitement and apprehension about what lies ahead. The controversial nature of AI's growth adds an extra layer of intrigue. What will it come up with next? How will it redefine the creative landscape? These questions make me a bit nervous, but they also amplify my excitement for the future. So, let's embrace this evolution, and be ready to witness the unfolding of new artistic horizons.

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