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What is Mi Coin?

Mi Coin is a virtual currency available exclusively across the MiMi Family website. It may be obtained by completing the courses, submitting assignments, and participating in any of the events on our website or Discord. Mi Coin can be used to buy our products, gain access to special services, level up your Mimeow, and unlock special features.

The Main Currency

Mi Coin is our main currency. It can be used to purchase items from the “Mi Coin Shop” as well as art courses.

The Rare Item!

Golden Mi Coin, on the other hand, can't be used to make purchases in the MiMi Shop. However, you can spend it at the “Drawing Lab” to get personal art feedback from Lunar.

How to earn Mi Coin?

Earning Mi Coin on our website is easy and fun. All you have to do is sign up for our art courses, practice your art, and submit your assignment. You may also earn additional Mi Coin by participating in our Discord events, challenges, and Family Quest! Explore how you can earn Mi Coin by reading below.

Enroll in art courses

Easily get Mi Coin by registering for our art courses and mastering new art skills!

Join the MiMi Family

Be a part of the MiMi Family art membership. You'll get Mi Coin every month!

Practice and share art

Practice, create art, and share your masterpiece or submit the assignment in each lesson.

Purchase from the MiMi Shop

Enjoy shopping at the MiMi Shop and get a Mi Coin bonus when your purchase reaches a certain price.

Participate in events

Join our art events, make new artist friends, and also get Mi Coin after the event ends.

Join the secret event

Keep an eye out for our secret events where you have a chance to get a Golden Mi Coin!

Where to spend Mi Coin?

Where is Mi Coin Accepted?

Mi Coin can be used to purchase a variety of digital products such as PSD files, brushes, resources, and merch in the Mi Coin Shop.


Where is Golden Mi Coin Accepted?

Golden Mi Coin can be spent at Drawing Lab, a personal art feedback service provided by me. If you are looking for feedback on your artwork, you can spend 300 Golden Mi Coin at Drawing Lab to receive personalized feedback.