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What to do if You Never Finished Daily Art Plan?

Feb 12, 2024

Today, I'll share what to do when everything goes haywire and how I overcame it, giving you ideas for your art plan.

If you're struggling to finish your Daily Plan, the fix depends on WHY it's not happening. Let's track down your problems to see what's the beginning of them.

Alright, let's kick things off!

Time Estimation problems

To be honest THIS is the core problem I found frequently. When I did the task or projects that I don't familiar with the process, it always messed up because the time estimation issues.

If you're not (yet) great at estimating task durations like me. Here's the tips that I use.

It won't magically solve everything since time estimation is a skill. You have to practice it often, and you'll improve day by day. (I'm practicing this skill too! Let's tackle it together!)

STEP #1: Start by listing all your regular tasks.

This can be a bit tricky, especially when dealing with unfamiliar tasks.

I set aside a small space in my planner to list my regular tasks, like my art process: sketching, line art, coloring, polishing. Then, track the time for each one (explained more in the section below).

STEP #2: Track your time for each task

When you do a task, note the time you start before you begin. After finishing, note the time you end and calculate how long it took. (Or use a stopwatch when you start if you prefer.)

Record the time for that task on your list of regular tasks.

I'm a big fan of Clockify! You can use this app to track and categorize your tasks, so you can see exactly how much time you spend on each category. They also have a PC app so you can track the time right from your PC!!

Next time you plan that task, check your list for how long it usually takes you.

Over time, you'll have a handy list of task durations, making your estimations more accurate.

And the more you do this, the sharper your ‘estimation skills' become.

STEP #3: Create a process checklist

This tip really helps me when I tackle repetitive tasks. I jot down all the steps in a checklist format. So, when I need to do it again, I've got a handy roadmap to follow. It'll save your time a lot!

Here's a snippet of the process I documented – the illustration creation process. (Check out the full version in the Art Success Planner in this workshop!)

Lack of focus

Sometimes the reason you never finished your daily plan could be due to using your time inefficiently. Multitasking or getting easily distracted can be one of the problems.

Personally I used to be a task juggler but now this one is not my main problems. I found that time estimation is a lot more tricky than staying focus.

In that case, let's explore how to stay focus and work on your art practice more efficiently.

  1. Plan Ahead: Craft a detailed Daily Action Plan the night before, clearly defining tasks for the upcoming day, including those for your Focus Time of your art practice.
  2. Golden Rules for Focus: Adhere to crucial rules – do your art practice or M.I.P. tasks first after finish your non-negotiable tasks.
  3. Optimize Concentration: Improve focus by setting a timer, creating a distraction-free workspace. Turning off the notification helps a lot!
  4. Gradual Progression: Begin with short Focus Time, like practice your art for only 1 hour and gradually increasing over weeks.
  5. Track and Motivate: Mark completed sessions in a tracker and Monthly Action Plan for a sense of accomplishment and motivation!

Alright! That's all of the tips for you this time. I hope you love this ART GOAL series – setting, planning, and staying on track!

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