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How to Make Your Art Plan Works

Feb 11, 2024

In the previous blogs we talked about  ‘How to Set Your Art Goals'  and turn them into a plan to ‘Make This Year Your Best ART YEAR Ever'!

We all know that a goal without a plan is just a wish. BUT, a plan without effective execution is a waste of time!

In this blog, I'll share tips for executing your art plan, maximizing your art goals, yearly plan, and sub-tasks.

As I stated earlier, your great plan without execution is a waste of time.

First of all, we need to know about the execution. Simply put, it's how you work out your plan effectively.

It's a strategy to make you stick with your plan, build up motivation for your art practice, and also help you track your progress.

To make it clear, it's like a system to follow your art plan on a day-to-day basis!

Even if you have all the goals, the yearly plan, and the sub-task list in your hand, you’ll never reach your art goals and still get fewer things done until you know what you must do in a day.

That’s when the daily planning comes into play!

The daily planning is the real secret to getting things done and make your art plan works.

The most important thing is how you work through the day with a daily action plan that aligns with your Big Picture Goals.

Remember, NOW is all we have. So the best we can do is use your time in a day effectively.

So, let's get started and learn how you can make this year a better year for you!

Why Daily Planning?

You might ask. Why should I plan my art project on a daily basis? Isn't it time-consuming?

Contrary to the worry, not planning your day is the real time-wasting when it comes to achieving your art (or any) goals.

Think of a Daily Plan as more than just a mundane checklist—it's a daily strategic guide aligning with your art goals!

It not only allocates specific times for each task but also adapts to the reality of each unique day.

Imagine slipping off your practice schedule or facing delays in your art project for a day. Daily Planning allows you to not only re-calibrate for the day, but also obtain clarity on the tasks that lie ahead.

The most significant advantage you'll gain is a sense of urgency throughout your day, thanks to MINI DEADLINES in each time slot!

And the most benefit you'll got is that It’ll build up the sense of urgency in your day by the MINI DEADLINES in each time slot!

While Weekly Plan and Yearly Plan are ‘one and done' activities, Daily Planning becomes my daily ritual—an activity I'll engage in every single day.

Once you've mastered it, a mere 5 minutes per day is all it takes.

And the returns? They go far beyond that time investment, saving you much more in the grand scheme of productivity and accomplishment in your art practice!

How to Write a Daily Plan

Alright, we've covered the power of crafting a Daily Action Plan. Now, you might wonder, HOW do you go about creating this magical plan?

Don't worry! I've summed up all the quick steps for you right here!

Let's dive in.

Step #1: Categorize Your Daily Tasks

Let's kick off this journey by categorizing your daily tasks into the following groups:

  • Routine
    Recurring tasks like morning routine and your meals.
  • Non-negotiable works
    Those tasks that are non-negotiable such as your school class, university class, or your day job. This includes every appointments you'll have.
  • Most Important Project’s Tasks (M.I.P. Tasks)
    The crucial tasks of your Most Important Project! Give them a spotlight. This category is where your art practice and art project tasks are.
  • Rest time and relax
    Moments of rejuvenation for a balanced day.

Step #2: Explore Your Weekly Schedule

Now, dive into your weekly schedule. Assess the available hours in specific day and identify suitable time slots for your tasks on that day.

In this example, I'll focus on Monday. Let's explore the schedule. On Monday,  we'll have available time from 3 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Step #3: Prioritize Your Tasks

Prioritize by filling your day with your routine, non-negotiable works or pre-scheduled appointments.

You already do this in the Weekly Schedule, but in case you have an unforeseen appointment or a doctor's appointment, it's time to add them before filling out other time slots.

Step #4: Break Down Your M.I.P. and Create Mini-Deadlines

Now get back to your monthly plan to see what's your plan for today.

Break down your M.I.P. Tasks into mini-deadlines, strategically placing them into available time slots.

In this example, the M.I.P. Tasks for today is “Enroll in 5 Days Anatomy Challenge” and  “Consume Day 1 Content”

Let's break it down into smaller tasks and put them in the Daily Plan like this.

Step #5: Rearrange Your Tasks

For the last step, rearrange your tasks into a logical order, with the golden rule being ‘Do your M.I.P. Tasks first in a day or right after you have a free time.' This ensures that your Most Important Project take priority.

Daily Planning Tips

I've been making a daily plan for about a year now. I tried many apps and methods, but here are the tips that I find most helpful for me. And they'll work great for you too!

Tip #1: Use Day-Per-Page Diary

Using a Day-Per-Page Diary for daily planning is like having a personal task hub. It's super tangible and easy to grab when you need it. This kind of planner is not overwhelming—just simple and user-friendly.

Or you may consider using a weekly planner that divides each day into time slots like this.

Here's the planner I use for daily planning


Tip #2: Consider Using a Paper Planner

Go for a paper planner for your daily planning.

Writing on it is a breeze, way easier than tapping away on a digital planner. Plus, it's right there, ready to be grabbed whenever you need it.

I do the digital thing for the big picture – yearly plan, monthly plan, and weekly schedule – but trust me, paper wins for the daily grind. It's just simpler and more hands-on.

Let's try it, you'll thank yourself for the smooth, hassle-free daily planning.

Tip #3: Mark Off Your Daily Goals

Putting your daily goals onto the plan and checking them off at the end of the day will help motivates you a lot.

It's like a mini celebration for every task nailed. When you see those accomplishments pile up is a serious motivation boost.

Tip #4: Use Color Code

I developed my own color code to categorize each task type! This makes my daily plan easy to look at. With the color code, you can see the overview of the day at a glance!

Now, You've Got Your Daily Action Plan!

Congratulations! It starts now! After you know how to set your art goals, batch your goals, and plan your day, you have almost everything you need to start working on your plan with confidence!

Yes, almost! You've now got nearly the entire system to kickstart your successful art journey.

However, there's one crucial piece missing!

Stay tuned, because next week I'll be sharing valuable tips on reviewing your art practice and enhancing your plan month after month.

Ever wondered what to do when ‘life happens and things don't go as planned'? We'll tackle that too.

Get ready for a deeper dive into refining your approach and navigating those unexpected twists in your artistic journey.

Exciting things ahead in our art journey this year—don't miss out! ✨

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