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How do Artists Survive in the AI Era?

Jun 11, 2023

It has been over half a year since the advent of generative AI, and I am confident that most of us have already witnessed its potential as well as the ethical problems it raises. But this blog is not for the heated debate surrounding this topic.

I have come across several artists who have mentioned experiencing a decline in revenue and even losing their jobs due to the disruptive nature of AI.

Indeed, disruption is inevitable, and the ethical debate will persist indefinitely. However, in these challenging times, learning and adapting remain the only path for artists to survive.

But, how…?

Rest assured, In this blog, I aim to share the essential non-art skills that can empower artists to navigate these challenges and ensure a sustainable career amidst this transformative wave.

They're skills I've learned and have helped me persevere during these difficult times. (And I hope they'll help you too!)


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Are you ready? Let's read on and explore these insights together!

Essential Non-Art Skills for Thriving in the Era of AI Disruption

Have you ever wondered what it takes for artists to excel in a world where artificial intelligence is revolutionizing industries? The answer lies in acquiring the right non-art skills that complement your artistic skills. Let's explore the skills that will help you navigate the challenges and opportunities!

Learn More About AI

In order to navigate the impact of AI effectively, it is crucial for all of us to acquire a deeper understanding of this technology.

Similar to being in a competition or a war, where knowing your opponent is essential, we must familiarize ourselves with the potential, methods, and limitations of AI.

Armed with this knowledge, we can strategically adapt our art career plans to harness the benefits and mitigate the challenges.

Even if one personally dislikes AI and chooses to avoid using it, it remains imperative to understand its fundamental aspects.

By gaining a comprehensive understanding, we can make informed decisions and explore alternative approaches that align with our artistic vision.

Skills I Learned

Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is crucial for me. It involves effectively crafting input prompts to generate desired outputs from AI models. I can generate new ideas for my drawing using AI such as Midjourney and use AI such as ChatGPT for my content creation.

Basic intellectual property law and copyright related to AI

I think that artists should have knowledge of basic intellectual property law and copyright as it relates to AI. Understanding these concepts helps artists protect their creative works from unauthorized use and infringement.

In the AI era, where algorithms can generate artwork and AI models may incorporate copyrighted material, artists need to be aware of their rights and the legal implications to make informed decisions about licensing or AI usage. This will help us navigate the evolving landscape of AI-generated content responsibly and ethically.

Improve Your Soft Skills

Developing soft skills is also importance. While technical proficiency is valuable, it is the soft skills that truly differentiate individuals and enable them to thrive in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Here are some key soft skills I learned and used to survive.

Skills I Learned


As AI can automate routine tasks, creativity becomes a highly demanded skill. It's the ability to think outside the box and generate innovative ideas.

In my personal experience, one effective strategy is to draw inspiration from the works of others.

Rather than merely imitating or replicating, I approach their work as a source of inspiration and reference.

By observing and studying the creations of talented individuals across various domains (in art community, AI community, business and other community, etc.), I have gained valuable insights and discovered new perspectives.

Emotional Intelligence

With the rise of AI, the importance of human connection and empathy becomes even more importance.

Emotional intelligence, encompassing self-awareness, empathy, and effective communication, allows individuals to connect with others, understand their needs, and create meaningful experiences that AI alone cannot replicate.

For me, the MiMi Family Discord Art Community that I created has been incredibly beneficial. I have gained invaluable communication skills from talking with the members within my community. I have learned the importance of effective communication and respecting the opinions of others.

Lifelong Learning

Continuous learning is essential in the AI era, as technologies evolve and new opportunities emerge.

Having a growth mindset and actively seeking out learning opportunities empowers you to stay ahead of the curve, adapt to new tools and methodologies, and remain competitive in the art fields.

Start Building Your Personal Brand

Artist personal branding is about creating a distinct identity and promoting it intentionally. It involves telling your story, creating engaging content, and building connections to stand out, gain credibility, and make a meaningful impact as an artist.

Personal branding is important for every artists in the AI era as it helps you differentiate yourself and build credibility.

It enhances visibility, expands professional networks, and attracts opportunities, and positioning you as a valuable asset.

Skills I Learned

Brand Strategy

I learned to Identify what sets me apart from others artists in my field. You can do this too! Let's understand your strengths, expertise, and the unique perspective you bring. This will form the foundation of your personal brand.

Then I developed a consistent and compelling brand identity that aligns with my values and audience. This includes designing a visually appealing logo, choosing a consistent color scheme, and creating a cohesive brand voice.

Creating an Engaging Online Presence

I establish a strong online presence across various platforms. I build a professional website that showcases my work and expertise. Additionally I created and optimized my profiles on social media platforms to engage with my audience and share valuable content.

Content Creation and Social Media Management

I developed skills in creating high-quality and engaging content across various mediums such as writing, short video and Instagram post. Then I learned to manage social media platforms to effectively engage with my audience, build a community, and amplify my personal brand.

Diversify Your Income Stream

Firstly, I want to clarify that this email does not contain YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) content. It is simply a sharing of my personal experiences, hoping to inspire your own plans.

In the AI era, diversifying income streams is crucial for artists. Automation and AI technologies have the potential to disrupt traditional artistic careers and revenue sources.

By diversifying their income streams, artists can mitigate the risks associated with relying solely on commissioned work.

Exploring alternative avenues such as selling digital or physical products, offering online courses, licensing artwork, or creating content can provide additional sources of income and adaptability in a rapidly changing landscape.

Diversification not only enhances financial stability but also opens up new opportunities for artistic growth, reaching wider audiences, and staying relevant in the AI-driven creative industry.

I have been exploring ways to diversify my income stream and reduce dependence on commissioned artwork. While I don't dislike creating commissioned art, it can be time-consuming.

I also enjoy working on my original pieces. Additionally, by repurposing my art into various forms such as content, digital products (PSD files and brushes), and physical merchandise, I have found opportunities to generate income.

I've tried writing blogs related to art tutorial and AI art, and surprisingly, it generates me some revenue from ads as well.

Skills I Learned

Entrepreneurial Mindset

I've learned to develop entrepreneurial mindset, embracing a proactive and manage my artistic career as a business.

Cultivating this mindset empowers me to recognize and seize opportunities that go beyond traditional commission work. It requires a willingness to step outside my comfort zone, take risks, and explore alternative avenues for generating income.

Embracing an entrepreneurial mindset allows me to navigate the ever-changing artistic landscape, adapt to emerging trends, and build a sustainable and thriving art career.

Online Content Marketing

Understanding content marketing principles and techniques is essential for artists to effectively promote their work and products.

By comprehending these concepts, I can employing strategic content marketing strategies, such as leveraging social media platforms, optimizing online presence, and story telling to expand my reach and attract a broader audience.

SEO and Blog Writing

SEO and blog writing are essential for me to boost my online presence.

SEO involves optimizing content with relevant keywords to improve search engine rankings. By implementing SEO strategies, I can attract organic traffic and gain visibility.

Blog writing allows me to share my journey, insights, and expertise, connecting with my audience on a deeper level.

When combined, SEO and blog writing create a powerful combination, driving traffic, increasing online presence, and attracting new opportunities in the digital landscape. This means I can reach more people and double the chance for more income.


In conclusion, it is evident that artists must embrace a broader range of skills beyond their artistic abilities in order to thrive in the ever-changing world we find ourselves in today.

The skills highlighted in this article, such as prompt engineering, creativity, emotional intelligence, and brand strategies, are no longer just desirable attributes but have become essential for navigating the unpredictable landscape shaped by AI disruption.

Gone are the days when artists could rely solely on their artistic talent. To truly succeed, artists must equip themselves with a versatile toolkit that encompasses not only technical art skills but also a deep understanding of the world around them.

By expanding our knowledge and embracing new disciplines, we as artists can enhance our creative output, engage with emerging technologies, and navigate the complexities of this AI-driven society.

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