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Cute Anime Pose References to Level Up Your Drawing

Nov 25, 2022

If you're looking for some inspiration and tips for your pose drawings, you should check out these cute anime pose references! In this blog post, I'll provide some of my favorite cute anime pose references to help you improve your drawing skills! They'll help you level up your character poses design skill in no time. I hope you enjoy and find these helpful!

Why you need cute anime poses for your character?

A cute anime pose is a pose used in anime style artwork to make characters appear attractive. One of the things I love about anime style is the wide variety of cute poses that characters can be. From sassy and confident to shy and sweet, there's a cute pose to suit any mood or personality.

It will improve the quality of your artwork if you know how to make the girl character in your illustration appear more appealing.

Sample of cute poses

You may wonder: What are the things that make anime poses look cute?

There are so many adorable anime poses, like wariza, seiza, lying, jumping, holding skirt, and so on. Actually, there are some common points in anime poses that make the character look cute or adorable.

Here are some points you can use to make your character more cute and attractive.

Bending the character's knees together

There are several methods for making your character's legs seem attractive in anime postures. One method is to ensure that they are generally drawn in an attractive way for example, drawing the knees bend together when the character's standing.

Using wariza or seiza pose as a base

You can try poses that emphasize the legs or thighs and experiment with other angles, such as standing side by side or seated. Here is the sample of the pose called wariza pose which is one of the cute pose you can choose for your character.

The seiza sitting pose is another Japanese traditional pose you can use. I tried adapting the original seiza pose and here is the result. I think it's one of the interesting cute anime pose.

Try the lively pose

Make the girl character more attractive by choosing a lively dynamic pose, such as leaping. The leaping pose also emphasizes the legs, making your character appear cuter.

Victory Pose

The victory pose is a classic adorable pose. Adjust the character's hand pose to the victory form, and place the hand next to the character's face to make it more attractive.

Neko pose

Neko post is a lovely pose that goes well with the character with cat ears and tail. Adding large cat paw gloves would make this stance even cuter.

Adjust character's hands and fingers

When drawing the fingers, be sure to make them slightly longer than they would be in real life. This will give them a more exaggerated look that is characteristic of cute anime girls.

To make the hands look cute, you can adjust the pose of the fingers like this image.


Adjust camera angle and composition to make anime girls look more appealing

Great camera angles and composition will help the girl characters look more appealing. For example, they may be shown from below, looking up at the camera with big, innocent eyes which can be very appealing to viewers. Another popular camera angle for anime girls is the side view, which helps to accentuate their features and make them look more cute and feminine.

You may utilize the golden ratio to guide the composition and draw the viewer's attention to the parts of the character you want to emphasize, such as the stomach, breast, or face.

Where to find cute anime pose references

If you're on the hunt for some super cute anime pose references, you've come to the right place! There are tons of great resources out there that can help you find the perfect pose for your characters.

Using Clip Studio Paint 3D model

When it comes to finding the perfect pose, using a 3D model in Clip Studio Paint is one of the methods you can use. This is because you can view the model from all angles, and get a better idea of how the pose will look. All of the preceding character postures in this blog article were guided and drawn using a 3D model.

Another pro of using 3D model for your reference is that you can adjust the light source for your model and use it as a guide when you're painting.

You can also experiment with different poses, and see how your character looks in each one. This can help you find the perfect cute pose for your needs.

If you're looking for the high quality 3D models, I recommend this set. I always use them to guide the character pose in my illustration and these 3D models helped me a ton.

Generate poses from AI

One useful option to find drawing pose references is to use AI. This can be done by using a variety of online AI platform and websites that offer image generation service. This can be a great way to get a variety of poses for your drawings, and can help you reduce your time to find the perfect poses.

NovelAI is the AI platform I utilized. While there are many debates about utilizing AI among artists, I've taken the decision to educate myself on how to utilize it, and now I can use it to assist me when I'm drawing, which is a game changer.

If you want to learn more about the AI prompt and keyword to generate your own drawing references on NovelAI, you may visit this document. I've summed up all the basic keywords you can use to generate your own references.

Use photo references

Another great tip is to keep an eye out for real-life reference photos that you can use as inspiration. For example, take a look at how people are posed in photographs, or even in everyday life. You can use these reference photos to help you create your own unique and adorable anime poses!

This can be a great way to get ideas for poses that you may not have thought of on your own. By looking at photos of other people, you can get a sense of what looks good and what might work well for your own anime character. You can also get ideas for how to adjust your character's poses or what type of pose to use.

You may find free pose references on the stock photo website. Please read this blog post to see more of the great reference website list!

Online art gallery

There are plenty of galleries that have big amount of anime artwork such as Pixiv, Danbooru [WARNING NSFW IMAGES], Pinterest, and so on. You're sure to find a pose that's just right for your needs.

Plus, you can often find pose references that come with helpful tips and tutorials on those websites. So check out an online art gallery is one of the perfect way to find cute poses references for your anime character!

Tips to use references and get better at cute pose drawing

Even using the references but sometimes it's a bit challenging to get better at pose drawing. If you're having trouble getting the hang of drawing cute poses, here are a few tips from me that might help. I personally use these tips to level up my own art skills.

Trace from the references to comprehend the line of action

In order to better understand a character's pose, tracing the references is helpful. This will give you a better sense of the character's line of action. It helps you to achieve your desired pose. By understanding the character's line of action, you will be able to better understand their movements and pose.

However, I don't trace every single thing. I always adjust and adapt some parts of the anatomy and pose to make it look natural and cute. You may take a look at the image above as an example.

Adjust the composition of the illustration

If you're finding that your character's pose looks a bit off, adjusting the composition of the illustration may help. For example, you may want to move the character's head or body slightly to one side or the other. You may also want to add or remove elements from the background to help create a more balanced image.

Learning from the experienced professional's artwork to see the difference

Drawing poses can be a challenge for artists of all levels, but observing and learning from the artwork of experienced professionals can help you develop your own pose drawing skills.

Seeing the differences in how professionals approach drawing poses can give you a better understanding of the techniques and concepts involved. Additionally, studying the artwork of experienced professionals can help you better understand the proportions and anatomical details of the human body, both of which are essential for creating realistic drawings.

With practice and observation, you can develop the skills necessary to create your own stunning artwork. You may see more of the professional artwork from this website.

Be selective when choosing drawing references

When it comes to drawing references, be selective and choose high quality ones. Low quality references will only result in low quality drawings. So take the time to find references that are of the highest quality possible. They don't have to be perfect, but they should be close to it. This way, you can be sure that your drawings will turn out the best they can be.

In conclusion, to draw better anime poses, you should find references and know the basics of their use, plus use the basic cute pose points I mentioned earlier. Learning from other artists' artwork, learning more about camera angles, and using AI to generate reference images also helped me a ton. I hope you found this blog post useful and that it helped you with your cute pose drawing!

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