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Let’s Draw Anya WAKU WAKU!

Jun 18, 2022

AuthorLUNAR*Category, DifficultyAdvanced

Are you a fan of Spy x Family? I love this show so much and would love to draw my favorite character, Anya. Let's learn how to draw the adorable Anya from Spy x Family with her popular expression. WAKU WAKU!


The Body Proportion

I'll begin with the body proportion. Characters who are children have a different proportion than those who are adults. For children, I suggest a head-to-body-height ratio of 3 to 3.5. It is, however, dependent on the age of your character. If the child is really tiny, you may use a head-to-body-height ratio of 2 or 2.5.

Children have a different facial proportion than adults. When we draw children in an anime style, their eyes will be significantly larger.


Sketch the details

We'll draw the details of Anya based on the structure we led in the first step.


So, here's a rough sketch of our WAKU WAKU Anya! We'll move on to line art in the next step!

Do the line art process

In this step, you may decrease the opacity of the sketch layer and make a new layer over the sketch then start the line art process. You may read more about the line art tips on this tutorial.


I used "ELS's Magic Soft Pen" brush for the line art! If you're interested in this brush, you may find it in the product link below.


Start shading with greyscale

After completing the line art, I'll begin shading using greyscale in multiply layer mode to guide the character's overall light and shadow.

Do the base coloring and color blocking process

Simply hide the greyscale shading layer and begin filling in the color in each part by creating new layer beneath the greyscale layer. I chose the color palette directly from Anya's original design using the eye dropper tool.

Coloring Process

Show the greyscale shading layer that was previously hidden. If you set the shading layer to the multiply mode, it will give your character an overall shade, similar to the image below. However, you must modify the color of the greyscale layer, otherwise your character's color would appear dull.

Brush up overall details

We'll do the brush up painting in detail in this step. Focus exclusively on the character's face and hair, which are the most significant parts.


ANDDD.... Here is the final result! 




Let's Draw Anya WAKU WAKU!

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