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4 Steps Painting: Wet Shirt

Oct 4, 2022

Let's learn how to paint a wet shirt! I'll walk you through a few simple processes that you can quickly grasp and modify to fit your personal painting style. To make practicing easier for you, I divided the painting into four steps.


STEP #1 

Draw the shirt on top of the character layer. Picture below is the sample of my layer order.


Change the color of line art to be lighter. Define the light's direction. In my example, the light comes from above.

Then color the character's underwear and create a shade on the shirt layer, followed by making a layer mask on the shirt layer.

You may erase the color from the layer mask by using the brush in transparent mode. Toggle the "c" key on your keyboard to switch the brush to transparent mode.

To make some of the wet sections of the character's clothing look transparent, use the "Watery" brush in transparent mode. If you make a mistake, you may correct it by using the brush in regular mode.



Add highlight color. In my case, I use the white color.

When the thin cloth becomes wet, it appears on the character's body as a translucent layer.

The collar and wrist, on the other hand, will be less transparent because to the thick fabric.



Add the darker color for shading, brush up the details, and then use the Add (Glow) layer mode to add light to the character's breast, which is impacted by light.


That is all of my wet shirt painting process. I really hope that this post has helped you in your sketching and made it much simpler for you to paint a wet shirt.

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4 Steps Painting: Wet Shirt

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