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4 Steps Painting: Knitted Sweater

Jun 26, 2022

Let's learn how to paint a knitted sweater. In this tutorial, I'll show you the brief steps that you can easily understand and adapt them to fit with your painting style. 


STEP #1 

After adding the base color, define the light direction and use "Soft Airbrush" to color the lighter part of the sweater.



Create new layer with "Multiply" mode and make a shading by using purple color.



Create new "Multiply" layer and add more shading to the fold of the knitted cloth by using the darker purple color.



Create new normal layer and use light yellow color for painting the brightest parts of the sweater. After that, I added a little rim light on the edge of the arm. Then it's done!

Here is the screen capture of the painting step I made. I hope it'll help you understand more about the overall process.
I also have a PSD file of this image for you to study. Just join our Discord and you'll get it right away in our "Freebies" channel! That's all of our sweater drawing tutorial. If you enjoy this content, you may consider follow me on IG @lunarmimi so you won't miss the next art tutorial content!



4 Steps Painting: Knitted Sweater

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