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Tips to Use Layer Mode in Clip Studio Paint

Jun 25, 2022


The layer mode in Clip Studio Paint is crucial. It enables you to combine or modify the color from other layers to produce the desired result. It's a feature that sets the digital art process apart from the traditional art technique. Additionally, layer mode will be useful when we want to add light, shadow, and effect to our artwork.


Before and after

Let's start with a comparison of before and after adding the layer using layer mode. I always use these 3 layer modes for making shadow, light and depth, and highlight.

  • Multiply: For shadow
  • Screen: For light and depth
  • Add (Glow): For highlight


Multiply : For shadow

Use Multiply layer mode and paint with purple or blue color to make a shadow on your character.


Screen : For lighter color and adding depth

Use Screen layer mode and paint with the blue, purple or yellow color to add more depth to the character.


Add (Glow) : For highlight

Use Add (Glow) layer mode and paint with red or orange color to add the highlight or brightest part to the character

OK! You've got the idea how to use layer mode. Let's explore with these layer modes and see what we can come up with! You'll find a ton of fascinating results!



Tips to Use Layer Mode in Clip Studio Paint

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