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4 Steps to Draw Clothes Better

Jun 20, 2022

AuthorLUNAR*Category, DifficultyIntermediate

Even though drawing clothing might be difficult, it doesn't have to be! There is a wonderful tip you can use to make drawing clothes simpler, whether you are just starting out or have been drawing for a while. You can draw clothes more effectively by following these 4 easy tips.


STEP #1 : Understanding your character's shape

When it comes to sketching garments, fundamental anatomy is required. You must know the character's basic form, which is seen in the image below. Please check and remember the red lines I drew for you. When you put the character's clothes on, the perspective and shape must be defined by these red lines.


STEP #2 : Understanding force and gravity

The combination of force and gravity causes the character's garments to fold. Force may occur in a variety of ways, such as when the character bends the joint, pulls the garments, or is in a windy setting.


STEP #3 : Identify the fabric type

Before you begin sketching, remember to identify the fabric type. Is the cloth heavy or light? Is it stretchy? Is it fluffy and furry? The shape of the fold is determined by the fabric type of the cloth, as seen in the images below.


STEP #4 : Use photo references and combine steps 1-3

Sweater fold

The character is dressed in a thick-fabric sweater. Please examine the joint and the blue arrows. They are the position in which the force occurs.

Loose shirt fold

The character is dressed casually. The fold is straight and puffy. The blue arrows will show you the area where the force occurs. The gravitational force that affects the character's clothing can be seen as the red arrow.

We've covered all of our drawing tips for clothing today! I hope that these suggestions helped! Simply follow my Instagram account @lunarmimi for more content if you'd want more tutorial like this. You may join our Discord and get the PSD file for the artwork featured in this tutorial, which you can use for practice sketching clothing!



4 Steps to Draw Clothes Better

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