AI Prompt Vault for Anime Artist

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Access my well-organized AI-generated art vault to increase your drawing ideas. You’ll also receive all of the Midjourney prompts I use, which you are free to tweak and use to make your own drawing reference!



After purchasing, you'll get as follows:

1 x Access to AI Prompt Vault for Anime Artist on Notion

Bonus: Prompt Tips for Anime Artist: Recommended artists’ name and keywords!

Bonus: Crucial Prompt in Midjourney: Parameters for size and quality adjustment in Midjourney.

Bonus: How to Get High Quality Images from Midjourney: My tips for upscale generated images in Midjourney.

Bonus: A list of Useful Links to Learn More About Art AI:Art AI related Facebook group and other resources I find useful.

3 reviews for AI Prompt Vault for Anime Artist

  1. Hansky (verified owner)

    Very helpful for specific refference

  2. AnimeSub Network (verified owner)

    It is pretty helpful in order to make some masterpiece. I wish there was some keywords for some UwU type artwork generating as well

  3. Yue Art (verified owner)

    Plenty of images to take references from (cute dresses, cute girls and mahou shoujo style) but I wish there was more variety (more males outfit, architecture, weapons (sword/spear/etc).

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