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MiMi Family is a community for everyone who loves anime-style digital drawing to learn and grow!


MiMi Family

Anime-style drawing membership & community

Mainly focus on drawing with CLIP STUDIO PAINT


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Clip Studio Paint for Beginners Course





Access my art process!

Includes Pudding Tier Benefits

Hi-Res Painting Process

Hi-Res Finished Illustration

Access and Vote the Poll

+10  Every month

🔒 Timelapse Process Video (Unlock at 30 Members Goal)




Boost your art skills!

Includes Pudding and Candy Tier Benefits

10% Discount on MiMi Shop and Online Courses

Layered PSD File

Premium Clip Studio Paint Tutorials

Access to Family Quest

+20  Every month

🔒 Voice Over Video Tutorial (Unlock at 60 Members Goal)


Rainbow Cake✨




Includes Pudding, Candy, and Cupcake Tier Benefits

20% Discount on MiMi Shop

Q&A Private Group Stream

Drawing Lab Priority
(I’ll paint over your art and give you a comment to help you improve!)

Access to All Courses

+100  Every month

+1  Every month

🔒 Digital Art Workshop (Unlock at 200 Members Goal)

Let’s Grow Together!

Our Goals

4 of 30 members

Be a part of the Mimi Family and help us to keep evolving. Our membership development depends on all of your support. Every time we meet the goals, new content and activities are added!


Unlock Timelapse Process Video:  A speed video of my working process from draft till done.


Unlock Voice Over Video Tutorial: Explain all the processes and techniques I used.


Unlock Online Art Courses : I’ll create more courses to help you improve your anime-style art skills!


Unlock Digital Art Workshop: I’ll create a digital art workshop for Rainbow Cake members!

Why Join Us?

Supportive Family

Drawing alone no more. Let’s draw and improve your art together with our community.

Unlock Exclusive Posts

Have access to all past exclusive posts and art tutorials made for our members only!

Paint Over & Comments

Rainbow Cake members will have a priority for the paint-over and comment from me!

Monthly Challenge

Join the monthly drawing challenge on our Discord and win rewards!

Premium Resources

Premium Clip Studio Paint brushes and art assets.

Clip Studio Paint Courses

Access online digital art courses created by me and have a chance to get a critique.

About LUNAR*

Artist ✦ Illustrator

Maria is a Roman-born pastry chef who spent 15 years in his city Rome perfecting his craft and exceptional creations. Vestibulum rhoncus ornare tincidunt. Etiam pretium metus sit amet est aliquet vulputate. Fusce et cursus ligula. Sed accumsan dictum porta. Aliquam rutrum ullamcorper velit hendrerit convallis.

Ways to Enjoy MiMi Family 

Let’s take a look inside our MiMi Family. Learn more and have fun!

Member Page

Easily claim your MiMi Family rewards and secret content.

The Member Page is a great place to read our secret content and claim your MiMi Family rewards every month. Feel free to edit the cover image and your avatar as you like.

View Member Page

Family Quest

Step-by-step of the journey we guide you from the start.

Don’t know where to start in your digital art journey? Let’s come with us. We have a quest for you to enjoy and accelerate your digital art skills at the same time. Family Quest will give you a roadmap to start from scratch. Plus you’ll get Mi Coin and Badges from the quest!

View all Quests

Discord Community

Let’s meet our supportive friends!

The Discord community of our MiMi Family where you can chat, request art critiques, join the monthly challenge, share your art, receive support from other members, and much more! We have just two simple rules: “Be polite and supportive”.

Register and Join the Chat

Premium Tutorials & Courses

Free access to premium art tutorials and courses after registering with MiMi Family

No need to pay for the courses if you are a “Rainbow Cake” member! As long as you subscribe to our Rainbow Cake membership, you’ll have free access to every course on our site. You can choose to learn at your own pace or follow the Family Quest to achieve your art goal. It’s all up to you!


Mi Coin & Ranking System

Gamify your digital art learning!

Forget about the boring art classes. In our MiMi Family, we have the system to clear the quest, get Mi Coin, evolve your rank, and develop your anime-style art skills at the same time! We also have the Mi Coin shop for you to spend your Mi Coin on our merch, art assets, special drawing references, Drawing Lab tickets, NFTs, and many more.

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Choosing the level is up to your decision! You can start with the Pudding level to join our family first. Every level comes with one free Clip Studio Paint Basic course and a Discord community. You can join for free! If you like our courses, services, and the community and would love to step a bit further in learning digital art, then you can upgrade at any time.

If you’d love to improve your art skills, I recommend registering for the Cupcake level. In this tier, you’ll get everything you need to boost your art skills.

And if you need my personal advice on your art or paint-over feedback, I recommend the Rainbow Cake level. Members in this tier can also have a private Q&A live stream group with me.

Every reward can be claimed on the “Member Page”. You can download the previous rewards in the “Download” section. Members-only content will appear after registration and login.

You will lose access to the benefits at your level, such as file downloading, poll voting, site-wide course access, etc. Anyway, you can still enjoy the free Pudding level benefits.

For now, we accept only Paypal Express. We plan to provide more payment gateway choices in the future.

We provide a 14-day money-back guarantee for every paid membership level. You may request a refund within 14 days if you decide not to use the membership. To request a refund, please visit the “Return & Refund” page and fill out the form. You can contact LUNAR* at any time if you have any problems.

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