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5 Days Basic Anatomy Challenge


5 Days Basic Anatomy Challenge

  • by LUNAR*
  • Course level: Beginner
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  • Last Update Nov 22, 2023

About Course

A 5 days art challenge that will help you say goodbye to anatomy struggles and start drawing with confidence! In this challenge, you'll learn how to start drawing basic anatomy from scratch, understanding the proportion of the human figure, understanding the anatomy of muscles and incorporating gesture into your figure drawings.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to start drawing basic anatomy from scratch
  • Understanding the proportion of the human head and body
  • Simplifying complex anatomy into simple shapes for easy drawing
  • Drawing the human head in different angles and proportions
  • Understanding the basic movement and positioning of the body and joints
  • Understanding the anatomy of muscles in the neck, torso, legs, and arms
  • Incorporating gesture, pose, and balance into figure drawings
  • Developing the ability to create figure drawings with ease

Topics for this course

17 Lessons

Welcome to Our Challenge!

Why Anatomy and why many artists stuck?00:00:00

DAY 1: Simplifying Shapes for Anatomy Drawing?

In this first day, we will learn anatomy basics through simplified shapes, grasping body proportions and key landmarks.
🎯GOAL Master mannequin drawing

DAY 2: Drawing the Human Head?

In this second day, let’s master head drawing with great proportions from various angles.
🎯GOAL Gain confidence in head drawing

DAY 3: Drawing the Human Body?

Today, we’ll dive into the human body! Let’s explore skeleton structure, joints, and refining basic shapes into detailed figures.
🎯GOAL Understand the human body

DAY 4: Muscular Structure?

On the fourth day, we’ll explore the muscles! Learn to sketch muscles in the torso, legs, and arms.
🎯GOAL Understand muscles in movement

DAY 5: Gesture, Pose, and Balance?

We’ll dive into gesture, pose, and balance in figure drawing.
🎯GOAL Master figure drawing

What’s Next!??

Congratulations on conquering the 5-Day Basic Anatomy Art Challenge, Mi Fam! 🎉

Material Includes

  • Anatomy Workbook: A Notion template workbook with extensive anatomy exercises and progress tracking.
  • Anatomy Inspiration Vault: Treasure trove where I curate impactful anatomy photographs, ready to serve as the fuel for your art practice.

Target Audience

  • Beginner artists who want to build a solid foundation in anatomy drawing from the start
  • Artists who want to improve their skill of human anatomy drawing
  • Art students looking for a comprehensive beginner's guide to anatomy drawing