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DAY 1: Simplifying Shapes for Anatomy Drawing?

In this first day, we will learn anatomy basics through simplified shapes, grasping body proportions and key landmarks.
🎯GOAL Master mannequin drawing

DAY 2: Drawing the Human Head?

In this second day, let’s master head drawing with great proportions from various angles.
🎯GOAL Gain confidence in head drawing

DAY 3: Drawing the Human Body?

Today, we’ll dive into the human body! Let’s explore skeleton structure, joints, and refining basic shapes into detailed figures.
🎯GOAL Understand the human body

DAY 4: Muscular Structure?

On the fourth day, we’ll explore the muscles! Learn to sketch muscles in the torso, legs, and arms.
🎯GOAL Understand muscles in movement

DAY 5: Gesture, Pose, and Balance?

We’ll dive into gesture, pose, and balance in figure drawing.
🎯GOAL Master figure drawing

What’s Next!??

Congratulations on conquering the 5-Day Basic Anatomy Art Challenge, Mi Fam! 🎉
1.1 Simplify all the Shapes!

After finish watching the video, let's read a tutorial about how to simplify the shape and how to draw stick figures here!

Table of Contents

Why Start with Shape Simplification?

When drawing a complex anime character. Instead of starting with all the tiny details, it's better to begin with simple shapes. These simple forms act as the essential building blocks for your character. This makes it easier to create your anime characters.


My Top Tips to Simplify the Human Body!

When simplifying the human body, remember that it's all about quick sketches. You don't have to aim for perfection; think of these as rough drafts. You can draw it with a light pencil stroke. Let's get started!

Dividing the Human Body to simplify

Let's break down the human body into these key parts: Head, Torso & pelvis, hands, feet

Then, let’s learn to simplify them as followed!:

1) The head: Visualize the head as an imperfect oval that was cut on the side! Add a cross line on the head to guide the face direction.

We'll start simple with a simplified head in front, side, and 45 degree view!

Let's start by making the front of the head simpler. Pay attention to the “center line” and the “horizontal line” on the face. These lines are essential for guiding the direction of the head.

Now, use the same approach to draw the head from the side view. Just shift the jawline to a different position.

Moving on to the 45-degree view of the head. Take a look at the green line in the image below! Sketching a line like this will assist you in imagining the head's shape from this angle.

2) The torso and pelvis: I suggest that you draw the torso and pelvis separately and connect them with the spine or center line. When you draw a dynamic position, you'll feel at ease.

Simply draw this section in two parts: the “Top Triangle” and the “Panty Part”! Remember the “s-curve spine” I mentioned in the video! This caused the top triangle to point up and the panty part to point down.

Let's explore my method for simplifying the body in different views below.

We'll start from the front view, which is the easiest view to draw the body!

Next, the side view of the body. Don't forget to pay attention to the spine curve. Keep in mind that the Top Triangle points up and Panty part points down!

The final one is the simplified body in a 45-degree view. Drawing this angle might require a bit of perspective knowledge, but don't worry – we'll cover perspective in the next chapter!

3) Hand: We'll simplify the hand into three parts: the palm, the thumb, and all the fingers.

4) Foot: Just like with hands, we'll break down the foot into three parts: the toes, the arch, and the heel.

Once you grasp the basic of shape simplification, we’ll move on and draw these parts we learned altogether as a stick figure.

How to Start Your Anatomy Drawing with a Stick Figure

A stick figure is like your character's skeleton made of simple lines. It's like drawing a bunch of sticks that show where everything goes before you add all the fun details. This is how I kick off when starting any sketch.

Below, I share my steps to plan and draw a stick figure. Remembering these steps will make your sketching faster and more enjoyable.

Plan Your Drawing First!

Don't begin with an empty mind. Think about how your character pose should be or look for refence images for ideas right at the start.

Now, check out the steps below.

STAGE #1: Imagine/Reference

Imagine Pose: Before drawing, picture the pose you want for your character first.
Reference Option: If imagining is tricky, use a reference image. It's especially helpful if you're just starting out.

STAGE #2: Sketch

Top to Bottom: Begin drawing from the top – head, then move to the body, arms, and finally, the legs.
Light Pencil: Ease into it using a light pencil. This makes the process more comfortable.

STAGE #3: Detail & Correction

Relax and Edit: You can tweak and edit the sketch while you're drawing or do it later once you finish. 

After you grasp all the steps, let's start drawing a stick figure with me in the section below.

Step-by-Step: Drawing a Simple Stick Figure!

Ready for some stick figure action? Here's how to draw one super easily!

1) Head: Start by drawing a simplified head.

2) Body: Connect the head to the body by adding a neck. Then, draw the body.

3) Joints, stick arms and legs: Did you remember those “joints” I talked about in the video? Fantastic! Now, add those joints using spheres and connect them to the stick arms and legs.

4) Add details to the pelvis: The final step is adding the depth to the pelvis. Let's inspect the direction of it in the reference.

Now, you've got the idea of the shape simplification and stick figure drawing! This is the start of your anatomy journey. 🎉

If you want to see how to draw stick figure and simplify things, take a look at the “Draw Along Video” below! I've got you covered! 🩷

▶️ Draw Along Video


⚡ Your Action Steps!

  • Checkout 1.1 Simplifying Shapes Exercise in your workbook
  • Checkout Male & Female Body References for more inspiration
  • Share your practice result with us in the comment box below! 👇
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