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40 Recommended Free Accessories 3D Materials in Clip Studio Asset Store

Feb 20, 2023

Clip Studio Paint is a popular software used by anime artists and also manga artists to create illustrations, comics, manga, Webtoons, character designs, and so on. I'm also one of CSP fans! Some of you may know that I've been using CSP since 2017 and it's such a game changer in my artist career.

Clip Studio offers a variety of tools and features to speed up my workflow and one of my most favorite things is the 3D model. Clip Studio Paint allows artists to use 3D models as drawing guides for their art! And the 3D models have helped me create accurate perspective artworks easily.

When you're looking for free Clip Studio Paint 3D model, there are plenty of resources available on the CSP asset store and finding the right assets can be time-consuming. That's where this list comes in handy!

I've compiled a list of the 40 best free 3D Clip Studio assets for your anime character's accessories!

With this list, you can save time searching for the right assets and focus on creating your character design!

My List of Free CSP 3D Materials for Accessories!

Below is my recommendation for FREE 3D materials you can use. I've summed it up for you so you don't need to take your time finding them on your own.


Shoes are an important part of any outfit, and they can be a way to express a character's personality or even their abilities. Let's explore some of the free 3D Clip Studio assets for shoes to help you create the perfect look for your character.

1. Working Boots

Content ID:1983415

2. Dress Shoes

Content ID:1683944

3. High Heels

Content ID:1909919

4. Long Boots

Content ID:1905472

5. Knee High Boots

Content ID:1943395

6. Boots

Content ID:1736864

7. Sneakers

Content ID:1770240

8. Sandals

Content ID:1967359

9. Heels

Content ID:1762510

Eye Glasses

Give your character a cool, nerd or sophisticated look with these free 3D glasses models.

10. Thick Edge Glasses

Content ID:1695234

11. NYE Roll Glasses

Content ID:1695235

12. JK Glasses

Content ID:1770088

13. JK glasses Fuchimal

Content ID:1768054

14. JK Glasses Fine Glasses

Content ID:1768055

15. JK Glasses Edge Angle

Content ID:1768047

16. Glasses

Content ID:1929447

17. Heart Sunglasses

Content ID:1897128

18. Glasses 001ver2

Content ID:1650255

Hat and Ears

From straw hats to cat ears, these free 3D head accessories models will add a touch of style to your character's outfit.

19. Straw Hat

Content ID:1934407

20. Bonnet

Content ID:1828263

21. Witch Hat, Cap, Student Hat, and Mountain High Hat

Content ID:1758886

22. Cat-Ears with Fluff

Content ID:1967457

23. Newsboy Cap

Content ID:1900437


Whether your character is a student or an adventurer, these free 3D bag models will come in handy.

24. Small Suitcase

Content ID:1963988

25. Carrie Buck

Content ID:1276208

26. Travel Trunks

Content ID:1773709

27. Attache

Content ID:1823159

28. Women Bag

Content ID:1893116

29. Student Bag

Content ID:1814796

30. School Bag

Content ID:1402946

31. Backpack

Content ID:1773714

32. Full-Fledged Backpack

Content ID:1773715

33. Sports Bags

Content ID:1409124

34. Paper Bag

Content ID:1773705

35. Vintage Bags

Content ID:1914225

36. Retro Suitcase

Content ID:1829943

37. Closet Suitcase

Content ID:1839694

38. Retro Oddities Suitcase

Content ID:1840311

39. Luggage Bag

Content ID:1950826

Necklace and Choker

Add some bling to your character's neck with these free 3D accessory models. Choose from a variety of designs and colors to match your character's style.

40. Spiked Collar

Content ID:1959056

41. Necklace

Content ID:1894527

42. Choker

Content ID:1815433

How to Find More FREE Materials and 3D Models Assets in Clip Studio

To find more free 3D models, you may click on the “Details” button in the CSP Asset Store and select the price as “Free.” Then input your keyword to search and all free materials will appear! You can click on “3D object” to limit the search to only 3D models.

Where can You Find Materials Downloaded from Clip Studio Assets?

Finding the downloaded materials is super easy! Just access the “Download” tab in the “Material” section

If you can't find it, just click on Window > Material > and choose the material categories! 

How to Install the Materials in Clip Studio Paint

This also super handy! Just click and drag the material you downloaded to the canvas, and that's all!

If you want to learn more about how to rotate the 3D model and camera angle, please hop into this post! I've wrote a basic guide to use 3D models in CSP there!

In conclusion, I hope this list of free 3D Clip Studio assets will be useful in your art creation process. Incorporating 3D models into your drawing workflow can help improve the quality of your artwork. However, it's important to also learn perspective from the models so that you don't become overly reliant on them. This will allow you to have more creative freedom when creating your own drawings.

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