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  • by LUNAR*
  • Course level: Beginner

About Course

If you are looking for a simple introduction to the basics of Clip Studio Paint software, this course is for you!


In this course, I will guide you through the best practices for using Clip Studio Paint, starting from the very first steps. We will go through the basic concepts of the software, looking at the installation, shortcut settings, and how to master the workspace set up. You will learn why this software is really good for beginners and why it is the best option for you to create illustrations!

Topics for this course

19 Lessons30m

SECTION 1 : Getting Started?

An overview of the course and the reason why Clip Studio Paint is the best tool for anime artist to create illustration!
Introduction to our course!00:00:00
Type of CSP License and Which One Should You Get?00:00:00
Why Clip Studio Paint? And What I love about this software?00:00:00
ACTION STEP #1 : Get your Clip Studio Paint License

SECTION 2 : Preparing Your Tools?

I'll guide you about the basic tools you need to start plus an overview of pen tablet type of your choice.

SECTION 3 : Initial Setup?

Let's learn how to set up your own effective workspace. I'll also share my secret sauce of workspace setup, shortcuts and hotkeys.

Let’s Meet the CSP Assets!

Basic Drawing Tools and Function


Material Includes

  • 30 mins of video lessons


  • To learn this course, you need a PC or laptop, a drawing tablet, and the Clip Studio Paint software.
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