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Beginner artist fears you may have and how to get rid of them

Mar 31, 2022

So, you’re a beginner artist? Congratulations! You’re taking those first, brave steps into a world that is filled with all kinds of challenges—including fears. At this point, you’ve probably found that there are a lot of different types of beginner artist fears that you—and plenty of other artists—face. A lot of artists have these worries.

We are all scared to be judged and to feel like we are inadequate.

There’s a lot of other people out there just as scared as you. Don’t worry; I’ve compiled a list of some of the more common fears I hear about and have some tips to help get rid of yours.

Fear of posting your art on social media

Of course, we all want to share our art on social media but most of the time it simply doesn't happen. There are many people who face this problem including me! We might think that our art doesn't have any worth or that we can’t create interesting content for our followers. I know how you feel.


We tend to forget that we need to learn and grow from our mistakes, or even possible failures. You can’t move forward without first exploring your past and understanding where you came from.

It's OK to have some fears and insecurities. Everyone goes through those sometimes. The key is to not let those fears become a barrier for taking the plunge, beginning a new project or posting your art on the social media. Don’t wait until you have a confident and post. No need to be perfect. Everyone suck at the beginning. Just start posting your art today and keep your consistency!

Fear of not being good enough in art

In the quest to become good at something, we often focus on putting our efforts on the product or end result. However, we are not robots who can do things perfectly first try. We struggle for weeks, months or years before our work finally gets the recognition we desired for so long. By the way, many artists have struggled with this scenario, and here is a way out that will helps.


This constant feeling of inadequacy in your art is not a disability or a weakness—it is completely normal! Most artists throughout the world are still insecure. At times, everyone feels as though his or her art isn't good enough. (Yes, including myself.) It is important to realize that we must have trust not just in ourselves, but also in our artistic process.

Learning and practicing more are the greatest options, but avoid comparing your art to others'. Comparing your current art to what you created yesterday, months ago, or even years ago will help you gain confidence! Another method is decreasing your expectations when it comes to seeing beauty in other people's work. Professional artists have struggled long enough before they satisfied with their creations too.

Fear of Having Your Art Critiqued

Some people dislike being criticized for their work even if they don't admit it. They sometimes feel like they are failure or not good enough or talented enough of an artist when being criticized. At times, the criticisms feel so personal that they may want nothing but to disappear and quit the whole thing altogether!


There's no such thing as a perfect artwork. And in order to create a masterpiece, you need criticism, you need reality check and for that you need to be self-conscious about your flaws

Heavy emphasis on perfectionism has been found to contribute to feelings of guilt and paralyzing fear of failure, feelings that may lead some people to mentality ruin. So rather than aspire for perfection, embrace the imperfections within your works and finally being real with yourself would surely be better than destroying yourself.

You should embrace constructive criticism and learn from it by analyzing it, understanding what went right and what needs to be done better now for upcoming artwork.

Finally, I'd want to put the icing on the cake by offering some specific advise to assist you conquer your worries and inadequacies in the art world.

☑️  First, aim for improvement keep practicing and getting better.

☑️  Second, ask for feedback from your art mentor, it can help you understand what's wrong and what you could do to fix it.

☑️  Third, be open-minded. Different people have different interpretations of art. Learn from them. Ask questions and consider the suggestions.

I hope this article helps you win your fear in art. Don't give up and keep practicing but don't forget to practice smart! There are many ways you can practice. It's all about what works best for you. Keep in mind the tips I have given you and you will do just fine! Always remember to have fun and draw on. 💖

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