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What’s new in Midjourney V5 and Niji 5: Mind-Blowing Art Quality!

Apr 13, 2023

Does it excite you to know our findings and improvements the Midjourney V5 has brought forward?

The Midjourney V5 focus on realism and pays attention to fine details specifically. In this article, we will quickly brush up on the key improvements and changes the Midjourney V5 has brought to the market. Knowing the changes helps you generate efficient and effective images to master to a greater level.

What is the latest version of Midjourney?

The latest version to date of the Midjourney is the V5. Midjourney V5 was released in beta on March 16th 2023 along with Niji 5. You can access the Midjourney V5 through Discord. Since Midjourney is a specialized AI generative and diving fast in the industry, you must know well how to make use of it.

Midjourney v5 vs. Midjourney v4: What Has Changed?

The current version- Midjourney V5 is a great improvement to generate arts and crafts effectively compared to Midjourney V4. Though there are improvements, there are still downs as the application is in beta version yet.

Let's take a close look at the improved features in the Midjourney V5.

#1 Improved Resolution

Resolutions are an important aspect to obtain effective content. In the Midjourney V5 version, the resolution is highly improved. For example, if you want to output a 4×4 grid image, the optimum resolution is used to get excellent picture quality. Even the preview of the 4×4 grid looks excellent and much improved compared to the V4.


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Apart from that, the notable fact is that the resolutions are doubled- which means you get more quality image generations which are mind-blowing. It helps to concentrate on the minute details and create a bigger impact.

When you consider the speed of upscaling which means the processing time, the upscaling has increased as well. For example, if you click an image to upscale, the result is displayed immediately. This helps to accomplish the task in minutes and faster than usual!

#2 An improved vision of the Face and Hand feature

In the V4 version, the face and hand generations are not much effective and less realistic. You can sense the drawbacks in the V4 on face and hands generative at a single sight. If you have tested it out, rendering the hands in V4 is of poor quality and less natural-! But, the Midjourney V5 is way better in this case.

Let's take a look at the image from Niji 5 below. The quality of character's face and hands improved so much!

There is more essence of reality, preciseness including the texture of the skin. The hands rendering feature is much improved, realistic, and consistent and gives a better look to the images. Apart from that, the fingers and toes are also perfectly generated in the V5.

#3 Create Stylish images

What does it mean by Stylish image generation? Well, you can generate stylish type images by spinning the right prompt. The styles could include generating a cartoon, genre or even classic images. All you need to do is, mention the right word that describes what you want to generate.

For example, you can give the prompt as “An animation photograph of a woman, including curly hair, big eyes, and sharp nose”.

Furthermore, they've added the new styling mode in Niji 5 that allows you to choose your style of preferences! You may see the example of the style in the images below.

#4 Include powerful prompting

The V5 of Midjourney is embedded with Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is an AI generative technique that understands human text or human language from a better perspective when the models are trained well.

You can also use the sentence prompt to obtain better results. There is no need to use the list and comma method as we did in the previous version.

#5 Generating Celebrities

The Midjourney V5 jumps out of the box when rendering images of celebrities. The V5 version wins in several aspects in this case such as skin tone, facial features, and dynamics to render more realistic images than the V4 version.

For example, you can try out the prompt “a color portrait of J.K Rowling in a wood background”.

#6 Higher Dynamic Range

Another great improvement in Midjourney V5 and Niji 5 is the ability to construct colours including different shades, giving a vibrant look and digitally improved versions just like in the reality. Therefore, there is a greater scale to create dynamic and powerful images reflecting the perfect colors, texture and shades.

#7 Generate Seamless tiles

The tile feature was present in the V3 but temporarily removed from the V4 Midjourney. Now the time feature is back home! If you need to create self-repeating patterns that occur repeatedly throughout the canvas- seamless tile is a perfect fit.

To generate seamless tiles images, use the keyword “—— tile” at the end of your prompt line.

Let's see my experiment with this cute tile!

I attempted to merge each image seamlessly, then I got a high-quality tile image! You can now use Midjourney to generate similar tiles like this.

#8 Consist of additional aspect ratios

In Midjourney V4, the aspect ratio was limited to 2:1. But in Midjourney V5, you can try out any aspect ratio. It generates 100:1 as well. Doesn't that sound handy? All you need to do is type the preferred “width: height” ratio based on your requirements. The important aspect ratios worth considering are the 1:1, 1:3, 3:2, and 5:1 aspect ratios.

Prompt: clear vector, isometric, fantasy, mushroom house, wind mill, garden, centered, super deformation, kawaii, cute, pastel ——ar 60:28 ——upbeta ——niji 5

#9 Aids Weighing image prompts with the text prompts

In this case, you can use an image prompt and also attach a text prompt. Image weight values from 0.5 to 2 are accepted in the Midjourney V5. When you increase the value of the image weight, it creates a big impact on the image generation it supports.

To use the image weight feature, use the keyword “——iw” with the value at the end of the text prompt.

#10 Render everyday objects

Everyday objects are the ones which are used frequently or on a day-to-day basis. Undoubtedly, if you give a prompt “book”, the aspects of the image it creates are much improved than the Midjourney V4. The images are created from a realistic point of view in Midjourney V5.

In conclusion, we can conclude that Midjourney V5 is an amazing creation that benefits millions of people to ease their tasks. As days pass by, the Midjourney has improved itself to V5 and given creative and effective outputs to the users.

All you need to know is, how to use the tool properly by understanding the changes and limitations to get the best out of it.

Starting up from the image resolution, aspect ratio, realistic image generation, weighing image prompts, and powerful prompting are the greater features that you can optimize at the best.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead to spin the wheel and experiment with the outstanding Midjourney V5!

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