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Commission Info

Flexible Prices

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Occasion Cakes



1 x Sweet Aniseed

1 x Soft Fruits

1 x Assorted

1 x Flavour Mix




2 x Sweet Aniseed

2 x Soft Fruits

2 x Assorted

2 x Flavour Mix





5 x Sweet Aniseed

5 x Soft Fruits

5 x Assorted

5 x Flavour Mix

Small Cakes



10 x Sweet Aniseed

10 x Soft Fruits

10 x Assorted

10 x Flavour Mix


Please follow these steps to order your commission:

  1. Please go to the “Commission” page. You can learn more about our commission status, queue, price rate, and policy on this page.
  2. Please select your commission type and fill out the “Commission Order” form.
  3. After the form was sent to us, we’ll catch up with you within 24 hours. Please note that the queue sequence of your commission is up on the cramp of our work schedule.

We accept PayPal for international client. For Thai clients, we accept PromptPay and direct bank transfers.

The client can order one piece of artwork per one commission order. If you need to order more than one piece, please inform us so that we can adjust our work schedule for you.

The complex background such as wide-angle scenario, cityscape, castle, and a room with detailed decoration will be charged extra at the minimum rate of +100 USD. The maximum rate is up to the complexity of the background. Please let us know in advance what kind of background you’d like so that we can estimate the price for you.

We will make an upfront full payment billing for the commission which price is below 200 USD. If the price of the commission is over 200 USD, you can choose to pay half up front after the sketch is done and pay the rest after finishing the work.

You can track your commission progress on the “Commission” page.

Our commission price rate is for personal use only. Please inform us if you’d like commercial use for your commission. Learn more about the commission policy on the “Commission” page.

Due to our new policy, you’ll receive your finished artwork within